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Tourist Place - Gopalpur (Darati)

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Jawalamukhi Temple- Gopalpur (Darati)
Jawalamukhi Temple
Jawalamukhi Temple

Located at a distance of around 30 km from Kangra, the temple of Goddess Jawalamukhi is also famously called “Flaming Goddess” or “She of the flaming mouth.” Nestled in the valley of Beas.

Chamunda- Gopalpur (Darati)

The temple of Chamunda Devi is located 10 km west of Palampur, on the Baner River. The sacred site is called Chamunda Nandik-eshwar. The temple enshrines an enraged form of Durga, which is entirely hidden beneath a red cloth.

Baijnath- Gopalpur (Darati)

Just 16 km from Palampur is the ancient Shiva temple at

Kangra Fort- Gopalpur (Darati)
Kangra Fort
Kangra Fort

The ruins of the Kangra Fort are located on a strategic height overlooking the Manjhi River and Ban Ganga River. The remains of the Kangra fort are still a dominating feature of the Kangra Valley.

Kangra Valley- Gopalpur (Darati)
Kangra Valley
Kangra Valley

Kangra Valley is situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a popular tourist destination, with the peak season around March and April. The valley is filled with numerous perennial streams.

Trekking in Kangra- Gopalpur (Darati)
Trekking in Kangra
Trekking in Kangra

Trekking in Kangra are situated on the hilly tracks of Uttarakhand, India, 15 km from Mussoorie on the Chakrata Road. This place is located nearly 1364 meters above sea level, at 78°-02’East longitude and 30° -29’North latitude.

Tourist Places from Nature Bloom

  • Flora and Fauna - 00 km
  • Gopalpur National Zoo - 03 km
  • Dorzong Buddhist Monastic Institute - 04 km
  • Tea Garden Estates - 04 km
  • Paror (Railway Station) - 06 km
  • Chamunda Devi Temple - 07 km
  • St. John's Charuch - 12 km
  • Palampur - 13 km
  • War Memorial - 15 km
  • Dharamshala Cricket Stadium - 18 km
  • Baijnath Shiv Temple - 25 km
  • Macleodganj - 27 km
  • Dharam Kot - 28 km
  • Gaggal Airport - 28 km
  • Dharamshala - 15 km
  • Bajreshwari Devi Temple - 28 km
  • Kangra Fort - 30 km
  • Bhagsunag Falls - 30 km
  • Dal Lake - 30 km
  • Triund - 35 km